Gold and Silver Members of The Christian PEN may advertise on our website. These paid ads are listed on the Find an Editor page. Each advertisement is posted as a rectangular graphic.

Purchase Instructions:

To place an ad on the website, determine how many categories to advertise in. If you wish to purchase one ad (one category only), add Web Advertisement to your cart and make your payment. If you wish to purchase more than one category, add Web Advertisement and Web Ad, Additional Category (for as many extra categories as you wish).

Once you receive the purchase confirmation, respond to that email and include the .jpg or .png file(s), specify the category or categories you wish to advertise in, and provide the URL for the link.

Ad Categories:

  • Academic Editors
  • Business/Technical Editors
  • Fiction Editors
  • Nonfiction Editors
  • Writing Services

Ad Specifications:

  • All ads will be posted online as a rectangular graphic. You may choose to provide the completed graphic or have a basic one made for you.
  • Each graphic should be 250 pixels wide by 325 pixels high. or are excellent websites to create free graphics. Upload your photo and/or logo to create a professional graphic, and add desired text. Save the graphic as a .jpg or .png file in the specified size.
  • Ads may include a photo and/or logo, up to 50 words of text (written in third person), and your email or website (for the link).
  • If you do not provide the completed graphic, a basic one will be made for you with the provided information.


  • Ads are sold on a calendar-year basis and will be prorated 50% if purchased on or after July 1.
  • The cost for a single ad is $50.00 for the year.
  • Advertise in multiple categories for an additional $20 per category.

Please Note:

  • New ads will be posted within seven business days of payment received.
  • When purchasing multiple ads in different categories, you may submit a different ad for each section.
  • Ads will be linked to the member’s website. If no website is provided, no link will be created.
  • All advertisements will expire on December 31 of each year unless renewal payment is received by December 15.